Modern kitchen



  • 3 car carport & walkway to front door
  • outdoor lights
  • bed & bath linens
  • washer & dryer
  • ironing board & iron
  • full size refrigerator & freezer with ice maker
  • central heating & air conditioning
  • full size, well equipped, modern kitchen
  • kitchen table - seats 6
  • bar stools
  • hairdryer
  • outdoor barbeque grill (bring charcoal briquets)
  • Cell phone signals for most cellular phones
  • firepit
  • Cable TV
  • Cable WiFi
  • coffee pot (bring your K-cups)
  • canoe and life jackets available on request for the pond
  • Stocked fishing pond/catch and release

Just bring your own groceries and drinks.


We strive to make your fishing experience enjoyable. The pond is stocked with large and small mouth bass as well as perch. Fishing is CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY; please observe this rule by immediately releasing any fish back into the pond so that others may enjoy the experience of catching fish as well. We recently (2022) restocked the three ponds with ten large mouth bass and 30 lbs of fodder minnows per pond. The perch provide minnows for the bass and the salamanders, frogs, tad poles, crawfish, and small snakes provide food for the bass as well and are a vital part of the eco system.

Bait. People ask “what is the best bait”?  The bass are not picky and if your bait appears to be part of the eco system they are going to take it.

Weeds in the pond.  We devote a considerable amount of time and resources to control pond weeds to include stocking the pond with grass carp, aerating the pond, using a pond razor and rake from the pier to reduce weeds, and we do add dye the pond to reduce the UV rays the aquatic plants need to grow. BUT.. we cannot completely eliminate weeds. For the best fishing experience do not fish from the deck but use the pier where we use the pond razor and rake to reduce weeds. You are also welcome to use the yellow boat to get in the deeper part of the pond where there are little to no weeds. If you attempt to fish from the cabin deck you may most certainly encounter weeds during the summer months.

Snakes in the pond. The pond snakes are “northern water snakes” and are harmless. Their markings are similar to a cotton mouth but they are not, as we have no cotton mouths in this area. The snakes are part of the eco system as well, so please leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

Canadian Geese.  These species are not welcome on the cabin pond or near the cabin. If you see them at the cabin please text us and Andy will come and “ask them to leave”. They leave a lot of droppings and they damage the pond eco system. They simply are not welcome at the cabin pond.

River otter. In the rare event you see a mammal swimming in the pond please let me know immediately; it is most likely a river otter and one otter can do a lot of damage to the fish population. We have seen one in three years and we “asked him to leave” and fortunately he/she has not returned.

We want you to enjoy the pond and take great measures to keep the pond and fish population healthy. If you have any recommendations that would improve the fishing experience please let us know.


Andy and Debbie.